ASA ScopeAnalyst™ Services

The Problem

Platforms that capture/produce waveforms - oscilloscopes, digitizers, and in some cases EDA synthesis tools -  are your most fundamental and widely deployed items of test equipment, and the primary means of understanding what your products are doing. For most companies, it represents 40-50% of the T&M spend. A decision to add a new platform to your work can:

  • Accelerate your workflow – or slow it down
  • Shorten your time to market – or lengthen it
  • Make your engineers more productive – or waste their time
  • Be an investment in capacity – or a drain on profit that never pays for itself
  • Align with corporate capital management objectives – or be a large, invisible departure from them

The Reasons

The Emperor's New Oscilloscope

There are multiple systemic problems with the way organizations acquire and deploy measurement functionality. Here are four leading reasons:

  • Organizational gaps lead to "expeditious" and expensive solutions
  • No credible source of independent technical or procurement advice
  • Minimum expectations yield minimum results
  • T&M is typically an "unmanaged" asset class

These are only four of a range of issues with scope procurement and deployment that eat profit. To learn more about these and the others, as well as effective, guaranteed solutions, please contact us and start the conversation.

ASA Solutions

Delivering IT optimization concepts and services to your T&M fleet

The level of training, support, and consulting that ASA has been able to deliver is outstanding. Mike’s company thinks and delivers solutions."
– Agilent District Sales Manager

Because this problem space is large, generally poorly defined, and distributed across organizational responsibilities and roles, the needs of one client are unlikely to match the needs of another. Consequently, ASA offers a range of tactical and strategic-level solutions tailored to the client's individual needs and backed by a 100% guarantee on the savings.

At the simplest tactical level...

For most organizations, the root problems rest squarely at the strategic level...

ASA offers in-depth training to educate you in the skills required to efficiently and economically procure and deploy T&M assets, including M1 Waveform Tools, across your organization.  Courses include...

To learn more about these solutions, please contact us and start the conversation.