Notable Moments in ASA History

A selection of some of the more interesting and important events we've been a part of

  • Inventing and patenting cycle-to-cycle waveform measurement
  • Inventing and patenting automatic detection of subtle signal-integrity issues
  • Creating the first Pentium reference design
  • Involved in the creation of Design SuperCon (now DesignCon)
  • Our strong disagreement, on basic scientific and engineering principles, with the entire concept of RjDj decomposition
  • Creation of the first scope-based Compliance Test
  • Multiple instrument manufacturers pursuing discussions to acquire ASA
  • Performing an 'innvotion census' of reasons that customers were purchasing scope software, showing that 72 of 76 items were first available from ASA
  • Congratulating Agilent on their 'first-to-market' DDR2 Compliance Test - nearly three years after ASA was actually first to market.
  • The rescue consult where Mike Williams found and fixed the issue in 8 minutes
  • Participation in the first Agilent "JitterFest", where all of our suggestions for making the tests more realistic (and less designed to make their new hardware look good) were unfortunately ignored