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Don't let ScopeCo's business model force you into purchasing new hardware

You move on to a new project every couple of years.  What if...

  • Your perfectly good (and parametrically suitable) existing hardware has been discontinued by the manufacturer
  • ScopeCo's software add-on for your new technology is only supported on their newest models (which is very common)
  • ScopeCo wants you to outfit your entire lab with new $250,000 instruments, just so you can run the new software

Unfortunately, ScopeCo's entire business model is designed to force you into exactly that corner.

But M1 can inexpensively bring your existing platforms up to state-of-the-art functionality

  • ASA provides perpetual support for every platform we've ever supported, even long after the manufacturer has ceased to support that instrument
  • Even if you do need a new instrument because your existing hardware lacks the parametric capabilities to tackle the new problem, M1 opens up the possibility of purchasing an appropriate instrument from the secondary market at a substantial savings
By this, we mean that the scope or digitizer has the bandwidth, sample rate, and memory depth that is needed for the desired measurement.