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May 15, 2014 Volume 14 Issue 1

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M1 v7 Released with a New Name

ASA is proud to announce the release of M1 Waveform Tools v7. With this release, ASA is also changing the name of our flagship product from M1 Oscilloscope Tools™ to M1 Waveform Tools to better reflect ASA’s unique platform-, brand-, and age-agnostic approach and ability to improve customers’ waveform-based workflow far beyond just oscilloscopes.


On the web, will explain the changes in this new release and how they can positively benefit your waveform-handling tasks.  We've also expanded our website ( to discuss M1 in terms of the impacts that M1WT™ can have on a customer’s workflow rather than just listing individual features and functions as is the norm for the simple, proprietary accessory software offered by the platform manufacturers.


New Platforms Now Supported in M1WT and M1WV
Bringing waveform-handling tools to digitizers and EDA

M1 family tools now support the acquisition of waveforms from digitizers and EDA simulation tools from all of the respective major manufacturers, in addition to the oscilloscopes we have always supported.

Oscilloscope Digitizer EDA Test Stand


For details, go to


M1 Waveform Viewer User Contest
Win no-cost M1 Waveform Tools licenses just for registering or collaborating

From now until 30 Sept 2014, ASA will be announcing a winner for every 100 Waveform Viewer users who either register a new license or share a waveform with a colleague.


For more information, go to



M1 Waveform Viewer Education Program
No-cost waveform analysis tools and training for the academic engineering market

M1WV provides engineering/technology instructors and students with a sophisticated and valuable free tool that lets them capture, view, analyze, save and report on waveforms, as well as easily/instantly share those waveforms and the application itself with others.

To learn more about how the award-winning M1WV tool can make the lives of students, professors, and TAs easier, go to

New Features and Capabilities in M1 Waveform Viewer
Making a no-cost tool even more useful

In addition to now supporting digitizers and EDA tools like its big brother M1 Waveform Tools (see previous article in this Newsletter), M1WV has also gained several other important features to further improve this already-award-winning product.

To learn more, go to

...and More to Come!
Be on the lookout for the next issue of the ASA Newsletter next month

ASA will be officially announcing all of the great new capabilities with M1 Waveform Tools v7 during the next month.  Be watching for more information in our next Newsletter to learn more about all the significant improvements with this release.

If you'd like to learn about each new capability as soon as it's announced, you can sign up for notification at