ASA Announces Support for Digitizers and EDA tools

ASA announced today that their waveform-handling tools (M1 Waveform Tools™ and M1 Waveform Viewer™) now support high-speed digitizers and EDA simulation tools from all major manufacturers, bringing measurement, analysis, automation, collaboration, debug, and more.

Amherst, MA USA... May 15, 2014

As part of a sequence of press releases introducing new capabilities, Amherst Systems Associates Inc (ASA Corp.) today announced support for acquiring waveforms from high-speed digitizers, giving digitizer users access to advanced data acquisition, analysis, automation, collaboration, and more that have previously been unavailable to them in any form. ASA supports waveform acquisition from digitizer platforms with both its flagship product, M1 Waveform Tools, and with the no-cost M1 Waveform Viewer™ tool.Systems combining M1™ with digitizers provide a fully integrated solution for single and multiple board, large channel count digitizer collections, turning the user’s digitizer into a fully-functional oscilloscope with a UI that provides a true oscilloscope experience.

ASA is also announcing that EDA simulated waveforms are now supported both with M1 Waveform Tools and M1 Waveform Viewer. M1 supports reading several native EDA waveform file formats, including the popular TRn format, giving EDA users access to all of M1’s analysis, automation, collaboration, and more that have previously been unavailable to them in any form. Designers now have access to the same analysis and compliance-testing capabilities at the front end of a device's life-cycle as other engineers have long enjoyed in debug, characterization, manufacturing test, customer support, and failure analysis using oscilloscope or digitizer data.

The full list of platform manufacturers supported by ASA for both M1 Waveform Tools and M1 Waveform Viewer now includes (a complete list can be found at

  • Oscilloscopes: Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz, Agilent Technologies (including older Hewlett-Packard scopes that Agilent themselves no longer support), Teledyne/LeCroy, and Yokogawa
  • Digitizers: National Instruments, Teradyne/ZTEC , Acqiris, Agilent Technologies, GaGe, and Spectrum
  • EDA: Any waveform simulation tool capable of outputting TRn or CSV format waveforms (e.g. Synopsys, Ansoft, Cadence, Mentor Graphics)

The addition of support for high-speed digitizers provides an opportunity for customers to select cost-effective solutions when their testing requirements include more than four channels of data, or if they could benefit from greater than 8-bit resolution. The ASA measurement automation library also provides great advantages for companies writing software to support their test stand platforms. This library can complement the instrument-sequencing type of automation provided by external languages like LabVIEW or VEE to maximize productivity for complex automations in the lab.

The addition of M1’s rich measurement and analysis tools to EDA-generated waveforms will assist designers in understanding device behaviors at the earliest stages of the product development process. EDA software companies cannot specialize in building libraries of complex waveform measurements and M1 Waveform Tools provides an excellent complementary product for them. Engineers during debug and characterization will also benefit from being able to compare simulated waveform behavior to their results in the lab.

ASA President and Principal Product Designer for the M1 product family Mike Williams noted: “We have always taken the attitude that a scope is a scope is a scope. Once the waveform has been digitized it just flat out doesn’t matter whose brand you have. Every customer’s reality is that the platform brand that made sense when you bought your current instrument probably won’t be the one that makes sense when it’s time to replace it or add a new one. The M1 Vision specifically incorporated this brand-agnostic element in its design. With the release of v7, we are expanding this pro-customer design philosophy to its natural limit. We know our customers regularly need to understand waveforms captured by scopes, digitizers, or generated by simulators of any brand, and we have appropriately expanded our support to incorporate all of these different types of platforms. There are enormous productivity and effectiveness advantages to not having to deal with a dozen different tools and UIs and way of calculating things, etc, etc, etc. The single most powerful waveform-handling tool on the planet, M1 Waveform Tools v7, now supports all of your platforms, and ASA has never and will never discontinue support for an older platform in order to encourage you to buy a newer platform. One of the things I’m most excited about with our support for digitizers is M1’s ability to create a very-high-channel-count interactive oscilloscope with more than the typical 8-bit resolution out of a bank of digitizers. The world has wanted affordable high-channel-count scopes for a long time, and we’re the first and only company to provide them. Furthermore, there is nothing available in the EDA space that can perform the kind of waveform analysis, debug, compliance, etc. that M1 can provide. In fact, while meeting with a product manager for one of the major EDA companies recently, he shared that one of his customers had just told him ‘your analysis tools aren’t any more useful than a pad of graph paper’. M1 corrects that problem with a vengeance.”

U.S. Availability and Pricing

M1 Waveform Tools Version 7 has been released and is available immediately. M1 employs "scalable pricing", where the actual price level is determined by the platform configuration to which you will attach it. Pricing ranges from US$495 to US$11,995 in seven steps. For more information, please see the product web site.

For further information about ASA products, automation, and the platforms and brands that we support, please email ASA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit us on the web at

A photo of M1™ can be found at

About ASA Corp.

ASA Corp. is an engineering/technology company focused squarely on clock & timing engineering, and related measurement science. As an innovator and a leader in this field for over 25 years, ASA has helped forge how clock & timing is done today, as well as contributing significantly to what future clock and measurement technologies will look like. ASA’s patented approach to analyzing jitter and timing in both clock and data-streams is instantiated in the M1™ product family, which has become the de facto standard for how high-precision timing is measured. The M1™ family of waveform-handling tools is both the functionality and precision leader in every market segment in which it competes, and is the only tool which runs on the oscilloscopes, digitizers, and EDA tools of all of the major manufacturers. By combining unique know-how and experience with industry leading products, ASA is in a unique position to deliver significant, genuine value to its hundreds of clients and partners worldwide.

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