ASA Announces No-Cost Waveform Analysis Tool & Training for the Academic Engineering Market

With M1 Waveform Viewer™, students and professors can reduce lab equipment usage, produce standardized reports to enhance their assignments, and gain the benefit of being able to analyze their waveforms wherever they want.

Amherst, MA USA…. May 21, 2014

In addition to significant enhancements to their award-winning M1 Waveform Viewer (M1WV™) tool announced recently, Amherst Systems Associates Inc (ASA Corp.) is reaching out to educators and students to help them understand the many ways in which M1WV makes their lives easier and enriches their education.

With M1WV, students can easily share complete, fully-explorable waveforms with lab partners as well as with the professor/Teaching Assistant if they have questions.  Lectures and homework assignments can include previously-saved waveforms, bringing more real-world experience and principles into the classroom.  And a standardized reporting format for labs/projects let the student allocate more time to the engineering lesson.

M1WV is the only tool that supports waveforms from all platforms (oscilloscopes, digitizers, and EDA tools) and all brands (Acqiris,Agilent, Ansoft, Cadence, GaGe, Mentor Graphics, National Instruments,Rohde & Schwarz, Spectrum,Synopsys, Tektronix, Teledyne/LeCroy, Teradyne/ZTEC,and Yokogawa) equally, regardless of age. This includes older Hewlett-Packard scopes that Agilent themselves no longer support including the WaveStar file format that Tek themselves no longer support

Because ASA never drops support for an instrument (going back to the HP54720 from 20 yrs ago), M1WV is ideal for college environments where financial realities mean there is seldom budget available to purchase the newest equipment for the electronics labs.  Additionally, since M1WV allows students to do the actual measurement and analysis work away from the hardware, lab time is optimized and it may be possible to get by with fewer scopes in the lab.

Mike Williams, President and Principal Product Designer for the M1 product family, noted “I spent several years teaching Electrical Engineering, both lectures and labs.  This kind of tool would have been incredibly useful for both me and my TAs to provide the students with the best possible connection to real-world wavefom use. We’re very proud to provide this tool at no cost to the academic market as well as providing a number of application notes to help faculty get the most out of it.  Even more important than the notes is the online training available to any student, TA, or professor 24/7 to become an instant power user.  If I were providing this to my students today, I would insist that everyone watch the training on the first day of the semester.  The more capable a technology tool is, the more likely you are to need training…  and M1WV is the most powerful waveform viewer and collaboration tool in the industry.  And the fact that our customers voted M1WV an Ultimate Product award seems to back that up.”

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ASA Corp. is an engineering/technology company focused squarely on clock & timing engineering, and related measurement science. As an innovator and a leader in this field for over 25 years, ASA has helped forge how clock & timing is done today, as well as contributing significantly to what future clock and measurement technologies will look like. ASA’s patented approach to analyzing jitter and timing in both clock and data-streams is instantiated in the M1™ product family, which has become the de facto standard for how high-precision timing is measured. The M1™ family of waveform-handling tools is both the functionality and precision leader in every market segment in which it competes, and is the only tool which runs on the oscilloscopes, digitizers, and EDA tools of all of the major manufacturers. By combining unique know-how and experience with industry leading products, ASA is in a unique position to deliver significant, genuine value to its hundreds of clients and partners worldwide.


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