ASA Announces Major Enhancements to No-Cost M1 Waveform Viewer™ Tool

M1 Waveform Viewer allows users to easily view/share/explore complete waveforms from any oscilloscope, digitizer, or EDA tool anywhere/anytime.  Training videos and a New User Wizard make becoming an expert painless.

Amherst, MA USA…. May 21, 2014

Amherst Systems Associates Inc (ASA Corp.) today announced numerous significant enhancements to their award-winning M1 Waveform Viewer (M1WV™) tool.  These enhancements include bringing M1WV up to the same “any platform, any brand, any age” level of support as M1 Waveform Tools™ - meaning users can analyze and share fully-explorable waveforms (rather than just screen images) acquired from a wide variety of devices from every major manufacturer.  The full list of manufacturers fully supported by ASA’s M1 tools now includes:

  • Oscilloscopes: Agilent Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Teledyne/LeCroy, and Yokogawa.  This includes older Hewlett-Packard scopes that Agilent themselves no longer support.  Also included in M1WV is full read support for the Tektronix WaveStar file format that Tek themselves no longer support.
  • Digitizers: Acqiris, Agilent Technologies, GaGe, National Instruments, Spectrum, and Teradyne/ZTEC.
  • EDA: Ansoft, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, and any other waveform simulation tool capable of outputting TRn or CSV format waveforms.

Of particular note among the enhancements to M1 Waveform Viewer is the addition of a New User Wizard mode, which assists first time users and others who may be unfamiliar with waveform-handling tools learn to quickly use the product.  The Wizard walks users through common tasks such as connecting to a scope or digitizer to acquire waveforms or loading previously saved waveforms that were sent to them by collaborator.  Of course, users also still have access to our existing online video training.

Additional enhancements to M1 Waveform Viewer include support for up to 128 channels of analog data (e.g. from a digitizer system or an EDA simulation) and the addition of Eye Diagrams and FFT/spectrum measurements to the existing 22 built-in voltage and time/jitter measurements.  This means that M1 WV now has greater measurement and analysis capability than is native to most oscilloscopes and all digitizers or EDA tools.

Mike Williams, President and Principal Product Designer for the M1 product family, noted “M1 Waveform Viewer makes waveform collaboration easy by allowing you to send complete, fully-explorable and analyzable waveforms rather than just a screenshot and a questionably-worded email.  And by allowing you to do that analysis away from the instrument or EDA tool that created it, engineers can be more productive and lab equipment can spend more time actually acquiring – meaning you may need to purchase fewer instruments in the future.”

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ASA Corp. is an engineering/technology company focused squarely on clock & timing engineering, and related measurement science. As an innovator and a leader in this field for over 25 years, ASA has helped forge how clock & timing is done today, as well as contributing significantly to what future clock and measurement technologies will look like. ASA’s patented approach to analyzing jitter and timing in both clock and data-streams is instantiated in the M1™ product family, which has become the de facto standard for how high-precision timing is measured. The M1™ family of waveform-handling tools is both the functionality and precision leader in every market segment in which it competes, and is the only tool which runs on the oscilloscopes, digitizers, and EDA tools of all of the major manufacturers. By combining unique know-how and experience with industry leading products, ASA is in a unique position to deliver significant, genuine value to its hundreds of clients and partners worldwide.

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