ScopeView - Voltage vs. Time in M1

M1's ScopeView™ lets users display a Voltage-versus-Time display of all available analog channels from a scope, digitizer, or EDA file, and thereby remain in the M1 user interface to characterize or debug your problems. This greatly reduces switching time between applications.  It also exposes a large number of new pulse parameter measurements to be made within M1 or within an M1 TestScript so that the user has a more complete physical layer test system. During the debug phase of the design process, the user can add to this integrated ScopeView by locking the X-axis for all TimeViews and use markers in each linked view that move together in unison across all views simultaneously. The ScopeView lets the user view up to 128 analog channels at once. Users can optionally turn on markers, see raw data points or interpolated waveforms, and see the thresholds being used for the timing measurements. Users can also zoom to the region around the minimum value in the acquisition, zoom to the region of the maximum value in the data, or zoom to the region of the trigger reference point (often referred to as time = 0).