Develop your Characterization Test in Minutes, not Weeks

Characterization Manager screen shot

  • Place an unlimited number of the built-in measurements in one window (each column is a different measurement)
  • More than 400 built-in measurements are available so you do not have to write your own algorithms
  • Use the graphical user interface of M1™ Waveform Tools™ to define the tests you need to make. The entire process requires no programming; there is no syntax to look up.
  • Add as many Note columns as you need. Use these to record the independent variables (temp, humidity, voltage, etc.)
  • Develop your own user-defined measurement algorithms and they can be included in a Characterization Manager column as well
  • Easily change the title of any column to what you want it to be
  • Easily format the column width and the column order
  • Run your environmental characterization on one part to ensure your test is operating properly
  • Send the XML command log that the "first unit" test creates to Test Engineering to make it easy for them to place your test into their test automation system

Adding M1 Characterization Manager™ to any M1™ TestScript is easy using M1 ScriptBuilder™.

Now for the first time combine the power of defining your own Characterization Manager test with the power of M1 ScriptBuilder to make it easy for a lab engineer to design test code that the test engineer can easily leverage into his test automation environment.