M1 Products work with all scope types

tom_at_PC There are many scope and digitizer brands and models. You probably have them all in your lab. It's hard to know what scope or digitizer you're going to be using at any given time. But with M1 WaveformViewer you don't need to be concerned about that any longer. ASA was the pioneer and is still the only company committed to ensuring their products support every oscilloscope type, and has now added support for digitizers.

  • Hundreds of real-time oscilloscopes and digitizers...
  • EDA simulation waveforms from any tool...*
  • One user interface - no need to relearn the user interface every time you switch scopes
  • One way of computing the measurement - for greatly improved measurement correlation

Making an oscilloscope application work with different acquisition hardware is difficult. Numerous and frequently undocumented subtleties exist between different manufacturers. We've done all the work for you by bringing together disparate scope and digitizer formats.

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* As of November 2010, only HSPICE TRn and CSV formats are supported natively, but ASA is rapidly adding support for additional EDA formats.