ASA Newsletter December 18, 2006

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December 18, 2006 Volume 9 Issue 7
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In the spirit of the holiday season, ASA would like to offer our customers a little break. Right now, if you purchase M1 Oscilloscope Tools you will receive our software at 50% off if you pay with a credit card before midnight on December 31st, 2006. Check out our promotions page for additional information. Happy Holidays!

ASA's Waveform Viewer Announced as Finalist in EE Times "Ultimate Product Award" Category

"WV is intended to help get the engineer OUT of the lab, eliminate congestion around the most popular hardware, and facilitate collaboration among engineers by providing them a way to communicate with each other using actual scope data and explore it as if they were at the scope... wherever they may actually be. Any scope... any place... any time. WV provides engineers with the ability to control where they spend their heartbeats and it's good to know customers appreciate what we're trying to accomplish."

Mike Williams, President ASA Corp

EE Times announced Monday, December 18th, that ASA Corp.'s Waveform Viewer would be named as a finalist in the publication's "Ultimate Product Award" category. The Ultimate Product Award is conducted once every quarter by EE Times in conjunction with EE Product Center. The program allows customers to vote on which product best fulfills their needs in a specific category. Waveform Viewer was named 2nd in the Test and Measurement category. Waveform Viewer was released by ASA Corp. in June 2006 with the intent of getting engineers "out of the lab." With Waveform Viewer, also known as "WV, you're able to capture, view, analyze, save, and report waveforms taken from any scope in your lab. The next step is to use those waveforms in new, more convenient places like conference rooms, meetings or even the comfort of your own home. EE Times posted Waveform Viewer on its partner site back in September. The product received the second highest number of customer votes as the "Ultimate Product." ASA was previously awarded third place by EE Times for M1 OT™ v4.06, a version that included a number of important additional scope analysis capabilities. ASA has been giving away WV, originally priced at $145, since the product was released. More information on Waveform Viewer and its latest award can be found by visiting the ASA website.

-Meghan Rothschild

ASA Congratulates Agilent Technologies on the Release of "First" DDR2 Compliance Test

Agilent Technologies announced on Wednesday, December 14th that the company was releasing "the industry's first oscilloscope-based DDR2 compliance test application." ( When approached for comment, Mike Williams, President of ASA Corp reacted with, "Huh...didn't we do that, like, three years ago?" And indeed, in verifying Williams' claim, it was discovered that ASA did publish and publicly announce a DDR2 compliance test in April of 2004 as a no charge ASM (Application-Specific Measurement) in version 3.0 of their M1 analysis software, and also that the current version of the DDR spec (JESD79-2C) is presently available as a no cost TestScript for M1 Oscilloscope Tools.

Agilent has been selling M1 Oscilloscope Tools for over 3 years, so although the company's accomplishment is noteworthy, Agilent's customers have, in fact, had access to this capability for over 2 1/2 years. Agilent announced a cost of $3,001 for the test, but to actually run the product a customer would be required to also purchase an additional $13,000 in Serial Data and Infiniiscan software, for a total commitment of $16,000 to get into DDR2 testing. ASA's DDR2 TestScript, along with dozens of capabilities that other companies have previously claimed as 'firsts,' as well as numerous measurement abilities they don't have, are all available under the inclusive pricing strategy of M1 Oscilloscope Tools.

"If paying $16k to get a simple compliance test winds your spring, then here's a prime opportunity," said Williams. "However, this is, to me, another component in an unsustainable model of 'automation' that all of the scope companies are chasing... where the customer waits 9-12 months, or in this case 2.5 years, for the scope manufacturer to finally offer the application. When it comes out, it's expensive... it requires other expensive software to actually run... and then it only runs on some of their hardware. The M1 Oscilloscope Tools model is as opposite of that as it can be, and that includes moving the place where applications can be written from the manufacturer to the end-user. You can quickly click together any compliance test or automation you might want to have in M1, and have it when you want it... not months or years later. Our commitment is to be first... to run on whatever scope you own... and to include new capability within the product at no additional charge. When we use the words 'first', 'innovate' and 'revolutionary', we mean it."

Further information regarding ASA's DDR2 Compliance Test can be found at the ASA Newsroom Archives.

-Meghan Rothschild



ASA's M1 Featured DDR2 Compliance Testing Back in M1 v3 (pictured here); ASA is currently selling M1 v4.07