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Step 3 - Test and Acceptance

The last step before you release your App to the world is to ensure it’s customer-ready: correct and robust. Over the years, we’ve developed some rigorous criteria for our own applications/automations, as well as our customers’, and we will be making that rigor part of the M1 Apps program release process to help ensure customer readiness for every App.


M1 Automation Acceptance Process

As a participant in the Apps program, you will work with us to efficiently clear the acceptance process. The path through that process depends on what sort of App you’ve made: script, DLL, or a combination.

Technical Support

No code development effort ever produces a perfect first swing. And sometimes, it can be a challenge for a designer to home in on the real problem, particularly in a new development environment. The M1 Apps program provides access to M1 Design Team to coach you through the rough spots, and to the M1 design process to ensure your App's quality.


Apply licensing technology

Your App has cleared acceptance. The last step is to register the final code with ASA and for us to encapsulate your work in our licensing technology. We use precisely the same security measures and standard of care on your contribution that we do on our own products to help ensure no loss of IP.