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May 17, 2010 Volume 13 Issue 1

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M1 Standard Free to Tektronix Scope Users

Get a no-cost license of M1OT-Standard on your qualifying current-model Tektronix oscilloscope. (This program is now discontinued as of 1/2014)


New M1 Pricing, Support Levels, and Reader functionality

ASA announces a new tier of support for new ultra-high-bandwidth scopes and a major addition to the functionality of M1 READER around scopes at the "value" end of the spectrum. (continued...)

Get Readers, Training & More With M1OT Purchase

Under the M1 Quick Start Promotion, you will receive a package of complimentary accessories and discounts when you purchase M1OT.  This is a limited-time offer. (This program is now discontinued as of 1/2014)

Using M1 Just Got Easier

Learn about new assistive technologies we have built in to make ramping up with M1 dramatically easier for both new and experienced users. (continued...)

Rapidly Create Decode Apps

The M1 External Decode Framework provides the App Developer (or customer) with all the resources they need to quickly create new serial decode methods for use in M1. (continued...)


ASA New Account Management Team

We're excited to report that we have assembled a team of very experienced Test & Measurement Account Managers to serve North America.  If you've purchased or evaluated an oscilloscope in the last decade, you may already know your ASA Account Manager.  Expect to hear from them with news about exciting sales promotions soon.



Midrange and Value Scopes - Lockout Functionalities


Learn about features M1 can provide for your midrange and value scope that you can't get from the manufacturer. (continued...)