The M1™ Difference

M1 Waveform Tools
$495 - $11,995
Typical large scope manf.
  $170,000 or more
Typical digitizer manf.
(usually given away)
Typical EDA tool
(usually given away)


All Platform, All Brand

M1 is the only solution that supports all platforms and all brands...

M1 Waveform Tools incorporates multiple major areas of functionality that result in extraordinary flexibility and make M1 your ideal choice for constructing and operating multi-analysis or multi-platform test stands. This lack of limitation is a direct result of M1 being written not to sell you a particular brand of hardware, but to accelerate real-word workflow that incorporates many different brands and types of hardware.


Affordable Products

One product, one price

Massive, Sophisticated Library of Measurements

More than 400 measurements, decodes, and compliance apps

Automation on Multiple Levels

Develop both analysis and automation of analysis in a single tool

Built-In Collaboration

Technology is a team sport.  Play to win.

Our Focus: Total Workflow Support

Their focus: narrow, proprietary software add-ons with no impact beyond the instrument

Leader in Innovation

The dominant first implementer in waveform-handling software